The Freedom Machine (TFM) was established in April 1975 by Paul Chaleyer and James Byrne with the intention of selling only the highest quality bikes. It was originally located at 401 Chapel St, South Yarra and at that time the brands that the business sold were Raleigh, Gitane and Peugeot.

The business was sold in 1978 to Trevor Spry who had it until 1988 when it was purchased by one of his employees Adrian Curnow.

In 2003 TFM went multi store with the takeover of a store called Bike House located at 245 Chapel St, Prahran. The original South Yarra store relocated to 265-267 Bay Street, Port Melbourne in 2004 and the Brighton store followed in 2007.

In July 2012 Emidio Ubaldi, Wade Thorpe and Darius Salkunas, co-owners from Brighton and Prahran, purchased the company from Adrian Curnow, with the intent of running an expansive multi-store business to a best in class standard. TFM Group Aus Pty Ltd was formed as the controlling group for all the TFM stores.

In May 2013 the group acquired Richmond Cyclery, located at 522 Bridge Road, Richmond, expanding to four convenient locations across Melbourne.

At The Freedom Machine we pride ourselves on the quality of our service and total customer satisfaction, our main objective is To Create Lifetime Customers, whatever it takes. If you are not happy with any service received in store, please drop us an email sales@freedommachine.com.au and we will ensure a positive result.

Happy riding.

TFM Group Aus Pty Ltd trading as:
The Freedom Machine
ABN 16 154 226 203
ACN 154 226 203




"To create lifetime customers"


  • Best in class for quality of products
  • Brands which offer great value for money
  • Good, better, best product range for all categories


  • We are passionate about bikes, cycling and the gadgets that come with it
  • We are keen to share our passion with others
  • We strive for excellence through continuous training
  • We have great product and technical knowledge


  • We have the highest standard of service
  • We believe in long term commitments opposed to short term gain
  • We create lifetime customers with lasting impressions